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Kiber Ltd is R&D company, it was established in 1998. The team of company brings together mathematicians, physicists, agrochemical, and a number of specialists with experience in solving problems in mechanical engineering, shipbuilding and aviation.

Company renders following services to its clients:

- Solutions of high-technology problems

- Perform project calculations

- Software development, etc.

Among of implemented projects are- "Trident 20" (2000), "ASNP" (2001), "Structural analysis" (2002), "VB53x320M" (2003), "2D-Player" (2007), "Transport" (2008), "Gemiler" (2010), etc.

Kiber Ltd is ready to cooperate with all organizations in the field of research and development, including in the framework of international programs, such as, FP7, Horizon2020, PASR, STCU, etc.

Kiber Ltd is a member of Networked European Software and Service Initiative-NESSI.

Since the first days of existence, Kiber Ltd has been implementing purposeful activity in formation of flexible structure and improvement of its employees’ professional skills. Company is regulated by Project Management Principle. As a result of such activity Company has got:

- Experienced Management;

- Qualified Engineering Personnel;

- Scientific, technical and legal normative base, and

- Acting Internal Quality System.

In 2002 - Kiber Ltd was certified in the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping.

In 2004 - Kiber Ltd has got certification at State Committee of Industry for safety and mining supervision on conformity to norms of safety requirements, sanitary and hygienic norms in manufacturing, fire protection and industrial ecology.

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