Some results of scientific and technical researches executed in the company, are published:

By the project "Fundamental Investigation in Prime Number Theory"


Сабзиев Н.М. Алгоритм составления таблиц простых чисел и простых близнецов. Известия АН Азерб.ССР. Серия физ.-тех. и матем. наук, 2004, № 3, С. 35-39. Рус. pdf

Sabziyev N.M. Algorithm for composing up the tables of prime numbers and prime twins.

Summary. In this paper it is described the checking algorithm for definition is the given natural number a prime number or not. It is given the table of prime numbers contained in the interval [2x109; 2x109+6000] and the table of prime twins contained in the interval [2x109+6000; 2x109+46000], made on the basis of this algorithm.


Сабзиев Н.М. Свойство множеств порождающие составные числа вида 6m±1. Известия АН Азерб.ССР. Серия физ.-тех. и матем. наук, 2003, № 3, С. 41-49. Рус. pdf

Sabziyev N.M. Characteristics of sets which are generating numbers of a kind 6m±1.

Summary. In this paper is investigating some subsets of natural number m, which are generating compound number in kind of 6m±1. These subsets hereinafter allow to describe function of quantity of prime numbers.

Сабзиев Н.М. Распределение простых чисел в натуральном ряду. Известия АН Азерб.ССР. Серия физ.-тех. и матем. наук, 2003, № 3, С. 50-56. Рус. pdf

Sabziyev N.M. Distribution of prime numbers in natural rows.

Summary. As is known, one of wide-spread algorithms of encryptions ensuring safety of the Internet network is RSA algorithm, which is based on a choice of enough large prime numbers, and the question of generation of prime numbers required to study behaviour them in natural number row. This work is devoted to the description of function of distribution of prime numbers in the natural number row.

By the project "Management of cultivation process"


Pashayev A.B.; Sabziev E.N.; Mammadov G.M.; Eyubova S.M.; Guliyev V.F. Mathematical modeling of the transformation dynamics of phosphorus in ''soil-plant'' system. Selçuk J. Appl. Math. 7 (2006), no.2, 113-124. Eng.

Summary. Application of phosphate fertilizers is one of the conditions of obtaining resistant crops. The efficiency of phosphate fertilizers depends on various factors, first of all, on soil properties, plants' demand for phosphorus and also on the form, term and method of applying fertilizers. Mathematical model of phosphorus transformation in "soil - plant" system is presented in this work. It is shown that there is a stable regime for any "soil - plant" system. A strategy of phosphate fertilizers' applying was determined to achieve stable regime.

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