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Scientific and technical development

"Wave Making" Project

During research of launching of jackup "Trident-20" ("Gurtulush") in 1999 there was a necessity of studying possible wave making and its influence on the environmental zone of launching. Experts of Kiber Ltd created mathematical model of wave making process, and made its calculations. Adequacy of the model was confirmed at launching. (Southern Bay, Baku, February 17, 2000).

"Risk Management" Research Project

Risk management problem for some fields of activity was researched in 2003. Concept of application of artificial intelligence methods was developed for information processing.

Fundamental Investigation in Prime Number Theory

The research works are made in distribution of prime numbers in a sequence of natural numbers. Results of researches were published in scientific literature.

"Electronic Navigator" Research Project

Methodological works for developing of electronic navigator, for control of helicopters in poor visibility (fog, dark time day etc.) were completed in 2004.

"Automatic Landing of an Aircraft" Research Project

Methodological work for developing of a system allowing automatically landing of aircrafts was completed in 2005.

"Management of cultivation process" Research Project

In 2008 is developed the Decision Support System Project for the farmers at the decision of problems arising during cultivation. Tasks below were investigated:

- The choice recommendations of a suitable culture (variety) for cultivation on the information on the soil;

- Formation of the technological scheme on land treatment for maintenance by high efficiency;

- Correction of the technological map on the current state of the cultivation process.

Research Project on development of "The algorithms for fast processing of one-dimensional signals"

An algorithm for rapid identification and recognizing of the generated and reflected the impulses and defining its parameters. Developed the appropriate software module. In experiments were used apparatus means "MultiRanger 100/200" and "ECHOMAX XPS-10" (Siemens) (2010).

"E-learning" Research Project

Problem of scientific knowledge modeling was researched in 2003, which allows to determine the range of the minimum knowledge to understand the required information.

Research Project on development of "Lagrangian model of liquid flow"

It was investigated behavior of fluid flow by applying the Lagrangian approach. The motion of each particle was considered separately as a standalone system and the flow of fluid was treated as a System of Systems (SoS). It was defined the structure of information for exchange between particles (2013).

Project: Intermodulation

In cooperation with the InfoSpace company, in 2015 algorithm of radio-stations identification based on intermodulation was developed.

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