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Engineering projects


Usually, the gas produced on the platforms is transported to a temporary storage storage for gas collection. It is necessary to equate their pressure obtained from different wells. The project investigated the possibility of collecting all the produced gas from different wells using the energy of high-pressure wells (2016).


The software of 3D-modeling of assembly of installation on the chassis taking into account weight and geometrical restrictions (2005).


During 2001-2005 personnel of the Kiber Ltd Company have rendered support of the Star Gulf Company in I, II and III phases of the Azeri-Chirag-Guneshli project.


Oil derrick VB53X320M was computed by 'Structural analysis' software in 2003. Calculations considered allowable tensions, dynamic loadings, wind loadings and loadings arising at earthquake. Calculations were done to form a part of a package of documents, for getting certificate of conformity VB53X320M to API standards (American Petroleum Institute). Zabrat Machine-building Plant was a customer of the Project. In February, 2004 oil derrick VB53X320M received the API monogram.

Structural analysis

In 2002 - 'Structural analysis' software was developed for investigation of the mode of metal rod structures deformation. Program allows to set data of 3D-structures (knots, rods, loadings, etc.), and to calculate arising tension in elements. Such calculation is made by finite element analysis.

"Intersection of two pipes"

Welding two pipes under different angle should be done by a template of weld lines. In 2002 - AutoLisp program for creation of a required template was developed. This program automatically generates AutoCAD file for given parameters of pipes and welding node.

"Trident 20"

In 1999-2000 - launching process of jack-up 'Trident 20' ("Gurtulush") was investigated by order of Caspian Shipyard Company. "Launching Analysis" program was developed during the project implementation. Mathematical model of wave making process at launching time was also created and all calculations of the model were done on a computer. Launching of 'Trident 20' took place in Southern Bay of Absheron (Baku) on February 27, 2000.

"Chirag 1"

In 1999 - Kiber Ltd participated in designing of a process on installation of water-pump modules on "Chirag 1" platform by 'Azerbaijan' crane ship. ETPM company was a customer of the Project.

"Gurtulush" ("Trident 20") on the skate way (before launching).

After successful launching.

"Structural analysis"

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