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Information technology


In 2018, an automated examination software system was developed for those who want to get a driver's license. The program allows to simultaneously access of 30 people to exam, and the automatic generation of tickets ensures non-repeatability of questions.


This system has been developed for automatic redistribution of radio frequencies, taking into account the regulations and geographical location of operating units. The system is applied in the management of special communications in 2017.


The information system for accounting and management of small and medium-sized enterprises is developed. The project was implemented under a grant of State Fund for Development of Information Technologies (2016).

On-line bank of innovative ideas in the field of ICT

The project was implemented under a grant of Science Development Fund of the Azerbaijan Republic and the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology in 2014.

"Plant 12.01"

It was developed the software "Plant" to account for raw materials, consumables and finished products in production of vine. Programma had commissioning in Baku Winery in 2013.

"Gemiler" - Simulation System

Simulation system "Gemiler" is the network program working in an interactive mode. Simulator is intended for development of skills of acceptance of the correct decision on maneuvers (change of the battle array, evasion from underwater, surface, air attacks others) during joint navigation of the warships. The information interchange is carrying out by means of the signal flags. The program is developed in 2010 within the framework of cooperation by the Azerbaijan High Naval School.


When is applied method hydroponics in the hothouse facilities, it is necessary to determine quantity of each accessible fertilizer for reception of required nutritious structure. And at it is preferable to be chosen from numerous variants of the decision that is most favorable with the economic point of view. This task was realized as the program GUBRE2, on base MS Access in 2008 and is applied in the hothouse facilities on cultivation of roses.

"Transport" - Automated control system of transport-cargo concern

This system allows to formulate and to manage the tasks of transporting of the cargoes, also on-line control of the state of vehicles (operation and repair) and driver's personnel (arrival, medical inspection, reception of task etc.). This system was introduced into operation at the transport-cargo concern of AKKORD in Siazan region that is located 120 km to the north of Baku city in July, 2008.


In 2007 - Algorithm of processing of a musical signal allowing is developed to determine a rhythm of music and note at a moment of step (mp3, wav-files). The technique of developing of brief-subject clips is developed on a basis of such algorithm.

Training programs for Higher Naval School

Such programs were created in accordance with several program systems (computer simulation systems) for trainings on fastening theoretical knowledge, in cooperation with Azerbaijan's Higher Naval School.


Database and appropriate software were developed in 2005 for herbs. The program allows working with systematized information on herbs, medicines made from them, and their prescriptions.

"Azerbaijan Electronic Soil Passport"

Database of soil types in Azerbaijan Republic was developed in 2005. This program is widely used at the Institute of Soil Science and Agro Chemistry of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences for scientific researches at present.


Software package 'GUBRA1' was developed in 2004 for stock of an optimum mode of fertilizer in cultivation of perennial plants.


Basic variant of automated system for business accounting was developed in 2004. The given program, basically, is focused for industrial enterprises.


'AzSalary' software was created in 2002 for stock of salaries and wages of employees, by taking into consideration appropriate specificity of Azerbaijan legislation.


Basic variant of 'MARKET' software system was developed in 2002, That variant intended to take stock of turnover in warehouses and markets. This software allows to take stock of accept and distribution of goods and arrivals of turnover. In 2005 - Adapted software 'MARKET 01.05' was developed for stock of accept and contracts on sale of telephone numbers, Sim-cards, telephones and other accessories. In 2006 - Network variant 'MARKET 03.06' was developed. In 2009 was created "MARKET 09.02"- the basic variant of the program as generalization of works in this direction.

"ASNP" - Automated System of National Property

Project was implemented in 2001. Automated system of property register was created for the Ministry of Economic Development of Azerbaijan. Within a framework of this project following sectors were automated: process of registration and privatization of state property, privatization of state enterprises and joint ventures, conclusion of contracts (rent, sale, pledge etc.) and control of payments by these agreements.

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